The Masonic Travelers in Arizona
Momo heard through Richard Jeanson - the current EO for the Southern California DeMolay - of an amazing development in Arizona. Richard brought Momo's attention to this article, regarding the plans of some Arizona freemasons to acquire 56 acres for a masonic community center.

Wanting to know more about this monumental development and to help spread the word, the Masonic Travelers arranged for an interview with the man organizing this masonic community center, Dave Lowry. There was so much footage taken during this trip that we had to split it into two parts. Part I would cover the overall trip to Arizona while part II contains the highlights from the interview with Dave Lowry.

There were many places we were going to visit, and only one weekend to fit it all in! During the trip the Masonic Travelers were able to meet up with an old friend, Robert from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, who helped us along the way as a Masonic Travler pro-temp and tour guide. The Masonic Travelers had the pleasure to visit Sedona, Jerome, Clarksdale Scottsdale, Phoenix and Prescott during this trip. All the while enjoying the sunny weather, desert landscapes and the beautiful red rocks. Click here to watch part II of this episode containing the interview with Dave Lowry, of the Family Pillars Masonic Community Center.



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