Outdoor degree at Liefer Ranch
Temecula Catalina Island Lodge No. 524 in Temecula raised Charles Miller at its 14th Annual Outdoor Degree on July 12. The ceremony took place at Liefer Ranch, owned by the son of Jack Liefer, who was instrumental in bringing about Temecula Masonry and the outdoor degree.

Outdoor degrees were established so that lodges might celebrate particularly significant third degree ceremonies by holding them outside. Temecula Catalina Island lodge selected Miller for the honor this year in large part due to his work creating a new lodge Web site. More than 80 brothers attended from all over Southern California, including Fallbrook, Anaheim, Long Beach, Moreno Valley, and the Coachella Valley.

Past Master Lowell Benton – one of the original signers of the 1977 California Grand Lodge resolution authorizing outdoor degrees – spoke at the event, commenting on his happiness to see the tradition continue among California Masons. The Masonic Travelers had the opportunity to give a short interview with Past Master Lowell Benton after the degree. Click here to watch the interview with Past Master Lowell Benton.

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