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Submitted by:Duane Terkildsen

On February 1, brothers from Moreno Valley Lodge No. 804 continued a Super Bowl Sunday tradition at the Loma Linda Veterans Affairs hospital begun eight years ago.

The lodge runs a veterans hospital visitation program year-round, led by Brother Duane Terkildsen. During the football season, that program includes Monday night football gatherings with hot dog roasts and culminates in the annual Super Bowl Sunday party.

This year, the Super Bowl party was supported by a group of 11 volunteers that included Moreno Valley Lodge brothers, local Eastern Star members, friends and family, and Stitch, the service dog - a lodge member's dog that has been certified to visit with hospital residents.

The party was attended by about 100 hospital residents and staff.

Photo by Brother Johne Johnson, Moreno Valley Lodge No. 804

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