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Submitted by:Philip Gardner

Brother Robert A. Gardner was raised in more than one way by the men in his family.

Gardner joined Alameda Lodge No. 167 in Fremont, the lodge of his father, uncle, and grandfather, at age 18 – the youngest member in the lodge’s 145-year history. Gardner’s progression to the third degree has been historic for the lodge and family alike. His father, Teddy Gardner, served as master for the Entered Apprentice degree; grandfather Teddy Gardner Sr. served as master for the Fellow Craft degree; and uncle Philip Gardner served as master for the Master Mason degree in August.

Robert Gardner is the youngest in his family’s long line of Masons, which also includes his great grandfather and all of his paternal great uncles. Gardner’s great-great uncle Millard Gardner from Portland, Ore., a member of Myrtle Lodge No. 145 in Oklahoma City, Okla., traveled to California to witness the third degree ceremony.

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