The roots of Free and Accepted Masonry date back to the medieval guilds of stoneworking masons in Europe (possibly even farther to the dynasties of Egypt). The medieval masons were a priveleged group of craftsman who were allowed to travel freely amongst the land.This is emblematic for contemporary Freemasons to travel the world, and it has significant symbolism for the formation of the Masonic Travelers.

American Forefathers

The Masonic Travelers was Originally formed by Fred Wolf aka (Wolfman) who wishes to use this site as a communication tool to share with the world our experiences, stories and adventures throughout the world visiting various Masonic Lodges, Masonic historical sites, research Masonic knowledge, meet fellow brothers and most importantly have fun! We decided to record our various journeys, trips, interviews and the shenanigans in between. We post them on the Masonic Travelers website not only for fellow brothers to watch and enjoy, but for the public and those who may be curious about our great fraternity. More importantly, this is our way to help fight the false information found on the Internet about Freemasonry. There are many organizations that oppose Freemasonry and do not agree wtih our tolerant and compassionate ways of life and will go out of their way to spread lies and disinformation about what we stand for. This website therefore can be a first hand testament about what it is to be a Mason and for people to see for themselves our activities and learn about the history of Freemasonry.

Since it's creation The Masonic Travelers has expanded from a group of Freemasons into a space for Masonic online resources, information and blogs. We aim to create an online community for Freemasons as well as the general public that would like to ask questions about our various organizations.

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